Published On: Mon, Apr 20th, 2020

Poll: Box Art Brawl #39

Wetrix MainWetrix Main

Welcome one and all to a 39th book of Box Art Brawl, a weekly hitch between box art variants from around a universe where we opinion for a victor…

Last week Mario threw one of his dos on a N64 with Mario Party 2, a overhanging shindig from before a regulation full a bit. Looking behind we can contend with certainty that Japan’s cover was your favourite, with North America a apart second and Europe and even distant-er third. Mario parties harder in Japan, it seems.

This week we’re adhering with a Nintendo 64 and 3D puzzler Wetrix. Lesser-known perhaps, yet fondly remembered, versions of a diversion seemed on PC, Dreamcast and Game Boy Colour. Wetrix is something of a cult favourite and we looked during a creation of this addictive small diversion a few years back. It’s value a review if you’re a fan or anyways wanted to check this puzzler out yet never got around to it.

Enough of that, though. Today we’re usually meddlesome in a sum of a covers that ornate a boxes of a 3 categorical territories. Let’s dive in.

North America


Beginning in North America, we get a blue sky opposite a blue sea with a blue trademark and blue round drops falling. Plenty of blue, then. Fortunately, a yellow-red patchwork turf from a diversion subsequent breaks things adult a bit and mirrors a red support down a right side of a box and a yellow credentials ‘beneath’ a peeled behind ‘Only For’ in a corner. It’s also notable that this diversion compulsory a ‘Full’ Memory Pak to save a data.

A Nintendo Power quote that creates anxiety to a good biblical inundate occupies a space in a sky on a left, yet does small to liven things up. There’s a excellent line between willing and boring, and we’re not certain if this cover gets a change right. Gotta adore that Ocean logo, though.



The mural course of a Japanese box was given a white support with lovable characters from a diversion violation out of it. The ‘Wetrix’ trademark is still there only underneath a Japanese version, nonetheless it’s partially vaporous by light emanating from underneath a characters.

It’s colourful, it’s cute, yet it’s not grabbing us. Still, it manages to use a lot of blue yet creation us consider they got a special understanding on that colour with a copy firm, so that’s something.



The PAL box put a lovable small characters front-and-centre again, with a corpulent trademark holding adult a sizeable apportionment of a cover along a bottom. The art doesn’t give we any some-more thought of a gameplay than a Japanese version, yet a contemplative light blue of a characters implies some arrange of liquid-y fun. There’s no quote to tell us it’s a nonplus game, yet a ‘-trix’ of a name substantially provides all a clues we need on that front.

The black support is a bit bland, yet it sets off a charming image, we suppose. It’s a parsimonious one between Europe and Japan for us, nonetheless this substantially edges it. Our opinion means nothing, yet – a choice is yours…

And there we are! Click your favourite subsequent , strike a ‘Vote’ button, and lay behind to see democracy in action.

Which segment got a best Wetrix box art?

Ah Wetrix. It’s one of those games we always meant to play behind in a day yet might have never got around to. If we did representation a damp pleasures, let us know below; a rest of we feel giveaway to strike ebay or your online portal of choice to see what a lax transport is going for these days. Catch we subsequent week!

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