Published On: Mon, Mar 9th, 2020

Poll: Box Art Brawl #33


Welcome behind to Box Art Brawl, a weekly competition where retro video diversion box art variants duke it out for your approval.

Last week we pennyless a ‘rules’ and featured a non-Nintendo height instance in a spiky blue form of Sonic a Hedgehog for a SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis. The hedgehog’s initial diversion cover is an iconic one all regions and it was a tighten run contest, yet (and this one astounded us a bit) Europe incited out to be a fastest thing alive, winning a competition with 42% of a vote. North American came in tighten behind with 37% while a Japanese cover came home during a behind of a pack. Who’da-thunk-it? Congratulations to Sonic, commiserations to Sonic and Sonic.

This week Castlevania earnings not usually to a TV screens with a third array of a (rather good) charcterised Netflix show, yet also to this poll-based crucible of open opinion with Castlevania – a 3D one on N64. This is a series’ third coming following #12 Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and #26 Castlevania: Dracula X. Earlier this week we ranked all a Castlevania games accessible on Nintendo platforms, and notwithstanding earning a respect, a initial N64 entrance positively doesn’t mount alongside a greats in Konami’s hallowed, hammy fear franchise. Still, a diversion doesn’t need to be good to have good box art.

Contrary to renouned opinion, it feels like a lovely night to have a curse, so because not take a wander behind to 1999, hmm?



Real Action Adventure“. None of that ‘pretend movement adventure’ here, we understand! The Japanese cover gives an glorious initial sense with Reinhardt and Carrie flanked by skeletons and a blood red, bat-filled sky providing a backdrop as a large bad’s nauseous mop peers into a center distance. It’s got all a elements we need for a good Castlevania cover, including a whip and a pointy-towered castle.

There’s an effective use of 3D renders to grasp a demeanour matching to a painterly covers of old, nonetheless any component becomes some-more manifold a longer we look. Given a customary of a time when it came to pre-rendered diversion covers, a compositing pursuit on this one is definitely commendable. It’s frequency a selected Tom duBois job, yet it does a good pursuit of emulating one.



The European chronicle takes all a approaching elements (minus a span of meaningful vampiric eyes) and turns Reinhardt into a Heath Ledger look-a-like. The fact that it doesn’t simulate a demeanour of a diversion at all might be a reduction for some, nonetheless that wasn’t an emanate when it came to pleasing Castlevania covers in a past.

We generally like a approach a whip needlessly flits around a trademark and off towards a spires of a palace in a background. Say what we like about a diversion – this is tip shelf stuff. No Dracula, though. Bin it.

North America


The North American various takes a root from a Japanese version, regulating renders to illustrate a cover. It employs a same attractive trademark as a European chronicle and we utterly like a describe of Reinhardt (similar, yet not matching to a Japanese version), nonetheless a fact that so many of a cover’s genuine estate is clinging to a blocky, low-poly palace is over us. The alcoves in a credentials to a left of Reinhardt’s whip hand, for exmaple, are apparently partial of a texture. In-game, from a distance, with a squint, on a pale day, it would be passable. Something you’d wish holding adult a good cube of your game’s cover while sitting on a store shelf in 1999, though?

It creates we consternation that Konami was anticipating to accomplish with this. On one palm it could be noticed as a valiant, honest try to give players a ambience of a visuals they can design when they glow adult a transport in their Nintendo 64 party system. On a other hand, crummy textures from a 32/64-bit epoch don’t make for pleasing images. It’s also blank a critical elements of bats and a vampire staring during we by a dim night sky. Minus points for that.

Despite all those settled faults, we still like this cover! Kinda like a diversion itself. Maybe it’s a palatable red moon opposite a starry night sky. Maybe it’s a needless-yet-classic white dump prominence around a castle. We think it’s indeed a protagonists distinctively fuzzy orange eyebrows. Whatever it is, we don’t enviousness a preference we lot have to make this round.

Them’s your choices this week, yet that one whips we into a frenzy of enthusiasm? Give your favourite a click subsequent and afterwards whipcrack that ‘Vote’ button.

Which segment got a best Castlevania (N64) box art?

So, that did we go for? Share your opinions and defences of this dauntless diversion below, and we’ll see we subsequent time for turn 34 of this many box art-iest of brawls.

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