Published On: Sun, Dec 22nd, 2019

Poll: Box Art Brawl #22


Welcome to Box Art Brawl, a array where informal box art variants conflict conflicting one another to find out that has a tip midi-chlorian count.

Last week Kirby returned to Dream Land for an Adventure on Wii and it was motionless that a indignant North American cover was best, with Japan entrance in second and a really somewhat conflicting European chronicle bringing adult a rear.

This week, to coincide with a recover of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker in cinemas, we’re going behind to Episode we with one of a excellent Star Wars games ever made, Star Wars Episode I: Racer for a Nintendo 64. It already done a lectern in a turn adult of any Star Wars diversion expelled on Nintendo consoles, though does it have a strength to try into a cavern and confront itself and a Dark Side of a Force?

Let’s relive a highlights of a Boonta Eve Classic and take a demeanour during a starting lineup…



What we adore about this cover is only how understated it is. The classical Drew Struzan Star Wars garb posters are smashing (although let’s not speak about how a covers for any new turn of home format releases conduct to demeanour some-more and some-more like an bungled print collage), though this cover takes a totally conflicting track and goes for something else entirely. It works since it’s so conflicting from a normal Star Wars diversion box art.

Other than a title, Watto is substantially a many conspicuous figure, faded into a black credentials behind a logo, though positioned prominently. On a left is a face and helmet of small Anakin Skywalker, with his categorical opposition Sebulba on a right, partially vaporous by appendage symbols. Along a bottom are a contingent of podracers speeding from left to right.

We admire when box art subverts a expectations, and we approaching some-more lecture here.

North America


The North American various uses a same simple elements, though slaps a large red frame down a right side of a cover, separating out a appendage symbols. You also get a print of a Expansion Pak rather than an icon.

The pretension trademark distance has been increasing and small Ani and Sebulba have been cropped withdrawal only Watto – or maybe his Force ghost? – in a middle. The pods are still benefaction and are a bit some-more distinguished during a bottom.

Obviously, it’s really similar, though there’s a series of pointed differences. That forward red frame puts a dash of colour on a cover, nonetheless we’re not assured it was needed.



The Japanese chronicle goes for a opposite, some-more normal approach. You’ve got Anakin adult tip flanked by flags and a dynamic, bomb bit of pod movement below. It’s a prismatic cover and certain is eye-catching, nonetheless we substantially cite a refinement of a others. There’s zero to ‘discover’ here – it’s only a pods-out, in-your-face, brains-at-the-door STAR WARS VIDEO GAME cover.

Which is fine! We don’t dislike it, though it’s positively reduction engaging than a alternatives. But what we consider matters not a jot.

Which of these 3 pilots sets your beat a-racing, then? Click a one that fires adult your engines and strike a ‘Vote’ symbol subsequent to get your collect soon off a starting line and, hopefully, onto a podium:

Which segment got a best Star Wars Episode I: Racer box art?

That’s all from a Boonta Eve Classic – we’re off to purify adult Quadinaros’ wreck. We’ll locate we subsequent time for another turn of Box Art Brawl.

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