Published On: Sun, Nov 17th, 2019

Poll: Box Art Brawl #17


Roll up, hurl adult for Box Art Brawl, a competition where regionally opposite covers of a same diversion conflict any other to see that one stands adult to a inspection and perceptive eyes of a complicated era.

Last week 49% of we intended that a Japanese cover of Banjo-Tooie was improved than a rest, with a North American chronicle entrance in second with 29% and a European various mopping adult a remaining 21%. Congratulations to Banjo and Kazooie’s Great Adventure 2, as it was famous to a friends in a east.

This week we’re streamer behind to a NES/Famicom days with Ninja Gaiden, or Shadow Warriors in Europe. That’s right, usually as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were renamed Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles over here, ninjas were deemed too aroused or something so we creatively knew Ryu Hayabusa’s initial tour by a opposite name. Don’t worry, we call it Ninja Gaiden now.

But that one of these covers can secretly broach a torpedo blow to a others? Take a demeanour during a Ryus below…


Kicking things off with a Famicom version, we get a rather attractive mural cover with Ryu walking towards us divided from a mill golem-y thing with a genealogical tats behind him.

With his prominent blue… thighs, not to discuss arms that might as good be done from a same element as a stone monster, we positively wouldn’t wish to disaster with this character.

Still, it’s not accurately transparent what a immature things surrounding a total is. Some arrange of mossy spider’s web? Overgrown ivy? A large raise of immature stupid string? It’s obscure and nonetheless it creates a ninja himself mount out, it’s arguably a bit too noisy. The stone thing and a pretension mangle out of a box into a surrounding black border, though for some reason a whole thing puts us in mind of a book cover. A flattering good book cover, though it’s not screaming ‘action’.

Perhaps that’s a point. Let’s see what a others have to offer…

North America


Hello! What a North American chronicle lacks in refinement it creates adult for with knives, swords and fiery buildings. Our ninja is sporting likewise dangerous arms to his Japanese brethren though a usually ambiguity here is accurately how a ruin he’s dangling above this fiery metropolis. We like to consider he had been enjoying lunch while sitting on a construction lamp like those chaps in that famous print of New York when he unexpected realised something wasn’t utterly right.

Hardly a understated approach of a ninja, then, though effective nonetheless.



Ah yes. While PAL A got a cover flattering most matching to a NA version, we’ve left with a PAL B variant, nobly descending on a sword for a consequence of variety. It takes a North American cover and turns all down a notch. Taken in isolation, maybe it wouldn’t seem so muted, though after a biceps-out in-your-face-ness of a prior cover, this seems a small too soft, a small too safe, and unmasking a protagonist means this cover loses an atmosphere of mystery, too. The guy’s still dangling over a fiery city with usually a katana to quarrel a fire, though we’re not 100% certain this ninja (sorry, shade warrior) will make it out alive.

Gotta be honest – we don’t reason out most wish for this. Still, we never know. Shadows are cool?

Those are a combatants this week – now it’s time to select your favourite and click a ‘Vote’ symbol below:

Which segment got a best Ninja Gaiden box art?

That’s all folks! Join us subsequent week when we’ll be returning with a uninformed collection of fighters for another turn of Box Art Brawl.

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