Published On: Thu, Apr 16th, 2020

Pokémon Rumble Rush To Shut Down This Summer, Just One Year Since Launch

Oh well…, Personally, we will skip that game, maybe it is not as “complex” as a console versions, though it was value a fun it gave.
But, it was to be expected, as a Free to play and that compulsory a permanent online connection, it was a matter of time for one day, bye bye…

And unfortunately that is a destiny of several games in a future, yes, they are really many in mobiles, though there are also in consoles, and a problem is that, even if they are good games, a companies of those games design a lot of activity, however , not all a time in a universe we can dedicate to “one” game, we have other activities and other games, but, oh good …

I wish that a Pokemon Rumble arrive to Switch soon.

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