Published On: Thu, Mar 5th, 2020

Pokémon GO’s Nickname Entry Is Censoring Real Pokémon Names


When we conduct out into a genuine universe to play Pokémon GO, throwing new monsters who are happily chilling outward your internal post office, you’re given a choice to select a nickname for your new practical pet – only like a categorical array games. As you’d expect, developer Niantic has some restrictions on what we can call your selected ‘mon, though some exclusions seem flattering silly.

Reddit user sliceanddic3 has speckled that Ho-Oh, a name of an actual, genuine Pokémon, contains “inappropriate text”. Of course, it has that name when we initial locate it, though if we revise that name and try to re-save it, a following summary appears:

Ho-Ohvia sliceanddic3

Interestingly, variations of a name like ‘Hoe-Oh’ are ideally excellent (should we be quite lustful of garden tools).

Further digging (thanks, VG247), reveals that other Pokémon names are likewise banned. Both Lickitung and Lickilicky are banned interjection to a word ‘lick’ not being authorised – notwithstanding a fact that there’s an conflict in a diversion called Lick – and Shroomish can’t be used either, presumably preventing players from dogmatic their adore of hallucinogenic fungi around practical quadruped battles.

If we incidentally go to change a name of one of these Pokémon, we can revive a genuine name by deletion all content and clicking ‘OK’. Still, certainly a diversion should be means to recognize when you’re regulating a name that was supposed by The Pokémon Company in a initial place?

What did bad Ho-Oh ever do to merit this?

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