Published On: Mon, Dec 26th, 2016

Pokemon GO Now Includes Limited Time Holiday Item Packs

The Pokemon GO gravy train is picking adult gait as a diversion picks adult special singular time holiday object packs.

Get Onboard a Pokemon GO Hype with Limited Time Holiday Item Packs

Niantic Labs has jumped onboard a holiday bandwagon by announcing a contingent of singular time holiday object packs for Pokemon GO. This singular time offer will extend users entrance to Incubators, Incense, Great Balls and Ultra Balls. This offer is accessible for a singular time only, and will end on Dec 30th. But a good news is that, after a offer has expired, new Bronze, Silver and Gold boxes will turn accessible with even some-more surprises packaged inside them. These boxes will end on Jan 3rd, 2017.

Check out a full post from Niantic Labs next for full details.

This has been an sparkling year for Pokémon GO! As we demeanour forward to 2017, we have one some-more warn for you! We will be adding a few limited-time holiday object packs to a Pokémon GO in-game emporium during a ignored rate. The morning of Dec 25 by a afternoon of Dec 30 (PST), we’ll be releasing Special, Great, and Ultra Boxes. Items in these Boxes embody Incubators, Incense, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls. From a afternoon of Dec 30 by a afternoon of Jan 3 (PST) we’ll recover Bronze, Silver, and Gold Boxes. Items in these Boxes embody Incense, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Poké Balls, and Great Balls.

Keep one thing in mind, in sequence to buy these singular time holiday object packs, we will be compulsory to chip out genuine money. First and inaugural conduct over to a Shop section in a diversion to buy some bullion coins, usually afterwards we can squeeze yourself one of a 3 boxes on offer. If we control a Gym, and you already have a accumulate of bullion coins fibbing around, afterwards we are golden already.

You can download a diversion from a iOS App Store or Google Play giveaway of cost. Simply daub on a links next to flog things off.

  • Download Pokemon GO for iOS
  • Download Pokemon GO for Android

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