Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017

Pokémon GO Now Allows Android Users To Play Their Own Music While Hunting

Pokémon GO climbed tip charts in a gaming arena, nonetheless a credentials song shortly became irritating for many players. To make it worse, a diversion used to retard outmost app audio play and levy a possess credentials score. Thankfully, in a latest patch for Android, Niantics Labs has private a barrier, and a diversion now allows players to hunt for Pokémons while listening to their possess choice of music. The change is not new to iOS users nonetheless as they have had this functionality given chronicle 1.23.x.

Pokémon GO’s latest 0.55.0 patch for Android now brings this ability onboard. Niantics did not discuss it in a changelog for Android. However, many Reddit users started stating about it on a forum. The diversion no longer stops a stream song on opening, and hence users can simply play a diversion though temperament a peculiar gameplay music.

Niantics did not levy a gameplay song deliberately; a separator was caused by a bug in a Unity 3D diversion engine. As a gaming engine, it conveniently assumes that players would designedly wish to listen to a in-app diversion song and hence it did not concede outmost audio to make approach while a user plays a game. Unity bound a bug, and Android players satisfied after some time.

As welcoming as it is, nonetheless this change also comes with a shortcoming. According to many Reddit users, a diversion lowers down a volume for outmost song on a own, that leads a user to boost it manually to a top turn so that it reaches adult to an excusable level. But, once a user exits a game, a volume goes behind to a top and booms in a ears. It is not nonetheless transparent either it is a counsel gaming outcome or a bug.

To recall, Pokémon GO’s latest 0.55.0 patch for Android mentioned these changes:

• Reduced a starting bucket time on Android devices.
• Resolved Android connectivity issues for a Pokémon GO Plus accessory.
• Integrated iOS wheelchair support for use with Apple Watch.
• Minor content fixes.

If you’re a Pokémon GO actor on Android, afterwards let us know if a outmost audio support is operative for we and a volume emanate that comes with it. Share your knowledge in a criticism territory below.

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