Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2020

Pokémon GO Downtime Scheduled For 1st June

Pokemon GOPokemon GO

On Monday 1st June, Pokémon GO will knowledge downtime for a series of hours. If you’re endangered about your app not operative as it should or any issues with your account, don’t worry – all will be adult and using again soon.

The diversion is designed to be down globally for 7 hours, definition you’ll be incompetent to play it as we routinely would during that time. Below, we can see when Pokémon GO is designed to be offline in your area, as good as when it will be behind online (thanks, Eurogamer):

  • UK: 7pm to 2am (BST)
  • Europe: 8pm to 3am (CEST)
  • US: 11am to 6pm (PDT) / 2pm to 9pm (EDT)
  • Australia: 4am to 11am on Tuesday, 2nd Jun (AEST)

As for because Pokémon GO is down? Developer Niantic has pronounced that a diversion is being taken offline for “server maintenance,” going on to apologize for a nuisance caused and confirming that a downtime will “have no impact on your account”.

What Niantic privately means by “server maintenance” is unknown, nonetheless it has been theorised that a developer might be transferring a diversion to new servers altogether.

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