Published On: Tue, Aug 1st, 2017

Pokemon GO 0.69.1 for Android & 1.39.1 for iOS Released – Changelog

A new chronicle of Pokemon GO is being rolled out for users around a creation – 0.69.1 for Android and 1.39.1 for iOS.

New Pokemon GO Update Rolling Out Now – Grab a Update Today

If you’re a unchanging actor of Pokemon GO afterwards you’ll be gratified to learn that a new refurbish is now accessible for you. But a new recover does not move with it any new features. Instead, it focuses on bug fixes and enhancements. Nonetheless, here’s all that has altered in this update.

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Pokémon GO is in a routine of being updated to chronicle 0.69.1 for Android and 1.39.1 for iOS devices. Below are some recover records and comments from a growth team.

-Spark has returned to value Pokémon for Team Instinct Trainers.

-Resolved a proclivity spoil bug impacting Pokémon with reduction than 3,000 CP.

-Resolved a bug causing Pokémon GO to solidify after immoderate Potions too quickly.

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-Resolved a bug causing Pokémon GO to solidify after all 6 Pokémon gloomy during a Raid Battle.

-Resolved an emanate causing iPhone 6 inclination to crash.

This refurbish is intensely critical for iPhone 6 users as it fixes a bug that caused a diversion to pile-up abruptly. Furthermore, if we beheld a diversion frozen adult after immoderate Potions, you’ll be blissful to learn that this emanate has been bound too.

As ever, a diversion stays giveaway for everybody to download and play. But there are in-app purchases accessible if we wish to turn adult fast than anyone else. Tap on a couple next to go true to a download page for both iOS and Android.

  • Download Pokemon GO for iOS
  • Download Pokemon GO for Android

If we don’t see a new refurbish only yet, afterwards there’s no need to panic. The diversion is accessible for download in a far-reaching series of regions and a rollout will apparently be gradual. So please, practice a small calm if you’re looking brazen to this update.

In a meantime, do let us know in a comments territory either or not you’re still personification Pokemon Go. Or, has a sorcery ragged off for we completely?

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