Published On: Sat, Dec 21st, 2019

Poke Life Studio Brings 2D Cyberpunk Evolutis To All Major Platforms In 2020


PM Studios has only announced a “thrilling” new 2D action-adventure cyberpunk diversion Evolutis, that is driven by story and desirous by classical ’80s anime-realism, will be expelled on all vital platforms subsequent year.

The diversion is being grown by Portugal formed indie group Poke Life Studio and is set to conclude a new trend in indie games with 3 singular characters, jaw-dropping anime-like animations, and an sparkling story that takes place in Neo Hong Kong.

You’ll take control of 3 singular characters in this cyberpunk city. They embody Damon Watts – a lamentation father in hunt of a locale of his presumably defunct profound wife, Erick Warren – a drug addict seeking reprisal opposite a people he believed murdered his cousin, and Chelsea Williams – a famous though waste wrestler perplexing to keep her non-biological father alive.

A Twitter user reached out to PM Studios and asked if a “major platforms” enclosed a Switch, this was a response:

Below is some additional information about a diversion and a trailer:

  • Cutting corner 2D visible story revelation desirous by 80’s anime and set in Neo Hong Kong, where a city never sleeps. Play as 3 characters, any with his and her possess singular abilities.
  • Discover a poser of Neo Hong Kong by 3 deeply intertwined story lines opposite a thespian narrative.
  • Engage in unconventional fight with a good accumulation of ability and methods like palm to palm combat, finishing moves, car chases, gadgets, stealth, hacking, gun fire, and even a hoverboard!
  • Deal with crime and crime from internal gangs and forces, or only relax during a arcade. Just try to stay alive!

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