Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

Plex users can now play their movies, TV shows and song only by seeking Alexa

Plex is removing voice-activated. The renouned media actor program builder only launched voice control by a new Plex Skill for Alexa-powered devices. That means we can ask Alexa around your connected Echo speaker, Fire inscription or Fire TV to play your favorite calm from your Plex media library, yet carrying to use a remote control.

For example, we could say, “Alexa, ask Plex to play ‘The Big Lebowski,’” or ask her “What’s on Deck,” or even have Alexa suggest something to watch, by a new voice feature. The Skill can also be used to play song from your media collection, if we use Plex to classify some-more than only your videos.

This is a company’s initial step into home automation, and, as of launch, there are still a few limitations. For starters, it can’t indeed play your song directly on an Amazon Echo speaker, Amazon Tap, or Echo Dot nonetheless – yet a association says it’s anticipating to make that probable in a future.


It also doesn’t support playback of media from some Plex devices, including LG Smart TVs, Xbox 360 and Xbox One players, yet that’s approaching to change in time. Plex Cloud is not upheld either, nor is voice control of a “Photos,” “Other Video,” and “Watch Later” sections in a Plex media actor software.

Finally, we can’t use Alexa voice commands to navigate by a program menu by observant things like “up” or “down,” nor can we control video playback with actions like “skip forward” or “skip back.” (Just play and pause.)

Using Alexa with Plex is not as elementary as adding support for something like Spotify or Pandora, that can be switched on around a Alexa mobile app with ease. Instead, it requires users to capacitate Remote Access for their media server in a software’s settings. (Settings Server Remote Access in Plex Web App.)

What this does, basically, is spin your oral requests into API calls in Plex’s cloud services that will possibly collect information (like “suggest something to watch”) or control playback. But to what border we can truly desert a remote control in preference of voice commands will come down to that device we wish to play your media on.

For example, on Android devices, like a Nvidia Shield, Plex can be launched and tranquil when a app is using in a background. But on other devices, like Roku, a Plex app will need to already be open.

The setup process’ problem will also vary. Sometimes it will already be configured for you, or a involuntary pattern will work, a association explains in a online documentation. But other times, users will have to get a bit some-more technical – such as by manually forwarding a pier in their router.

Plex says that even if we can’t get Remote Access entirely functional, it can still make voice control work around a Relay feature, yet this won’t be a best experience.

Once all is set up, a final step is to capacitate a Plex Skill in a Alexa web app. Here, you’ll also have to substantiate with your Plex comment around your username and password.


Then, you’ll need to tell Alexa that Plex Media Server to use by default before we can start seeking her to play cinema and other content. This is finished around a authority “Ask Plex to change my default server,” that will lapse a list of inclination for we to select from. (If there’s only a one, Alexa will commend that and will set it as a default for you.)

While not overly formidable for anyone who’s not technically illiterate, a setup does need some-more than a typical level of configuration. After all, many Alexa Skills can now only be incited on by voice, and afterwards all only works.

It also demonstrates a advantage of carrying a voice partner built into a hardware and program all from the same company.

That’s because Alexa can do so most on Fire TV, for example. She can hunt shows, movies, actors, and genres, play a videos we want, rewind and quick forward, pierce in between episodes, and more. And she doesn’t only work with Amazon Video, yet also with over 100 other streaming apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Vevo, HBO NOW, Showtime and others.

Siri on Apple TV works most in a same way, yet with a smaller list of streaming apps.

And there’s not most setup concerned there – voice control only ships with a box.

That said, Plex still has a constant user bottom of 10 million, and is operative to improved confederate itself into cord cutters’ lives, as with this week’s merger of streaming news use Watchup. In time, it might deliver serve voice control for a content, including one day, a extended facilities it skeleton to supplement by additions like streaming news and more.

In other Plex launches, technical users will be vehement to learn that Webhooks support has also only been combined for profitable customers. This allows for things like home automation, Slack integration, Notifications, and more. You can nerd out on that underline here. 

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