Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2022

Please don’t YOLO your 401(k) into shitcoins

Hello and acquire behind to a Chain Reaction podcast, where we empty and explain a latest crypto news, drama, and trends, violation it down block-by-block for a crypto-curious.

It’s been an action-packed week, to contend a least.

We kicked off today’s part with a energetic back-and-forth about Fidelity’s skeleton to pierce bitcoin to 401(k)s and regulators’ fears about either a pierce will open a floodgates for people to YOLO their retirement assets into a flighty item class. Anita common her prohibited take on because a news could indeed be good for non-billionaires, that we can review some-more about on TechCrunch+.

In other news, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong threw some forked shade during Apple for a crypto policies on a App Store progressing this week. His company’s batch reached an all-time low a few days later, so … engaging timing.

Obviously, we had to residence a elephant in a room — Elon Musk’s $44 billion bid to buy Twitter. Lucas wrote about Twitter’s place as a watering hole for a crypto village in a new Chain Reaction newsletter, and on a pod, we discussed what a Musk-owned height would meant for online communication in web3. We also pacifist into what this news could meant for Bluesky, a organisation borne out of Twitter that’s operative on building a decentralized amicable network protocol.

Our Guest: Sequoia’s Shaun Maguire

Shaun Maguire is an financier during Sequoia and, of course, a crypto Twitter personality. We chatted with him about Sequoia’s new crypto moves, a probability of a multichain future, and either we’ll ever strech loyal decentralization during a mass scale or will finish adult stranded in “web 2.5” forever.

Having some crypto in your 401(k) is conjunction undiscerning nor exuberant

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