Published On: Mon, Jul 3rd, 2017

PlayStation Channel Seemingly Uploads Edited Anthem Xbox One X Footage to YouTube

The PlayStation YouTube channel has uploaded a E3 Anthem teaser trailer that was shown during Microsoft’s E3 presser, though it appears that a footage has been feeble edited in Photoshop.

Microsoft showed off a Anthem teaser using on Xbox One X final month, and it seems that a same Xbox One X footage has been now been uploaded to Sony’s YouTube channel. At initial it seemed that a footage competence be taken from a PS4 Pro chronicle of a game, though several people after beheld that PS4 buttons have been combined on tip of a strange Xbox One X controls. As can be seen in a picture below, a Xbox buttons clearly prompt underneath as a HUD of a diversion fades in.

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While this wouldn’t be a initial time that publishers use footage from another chronicle of a game, Anthem’s footage is of sold seductiveness as a demo was shown off using on Microsoft’s some-more absolute Xbox One X hardware, and a footage competence not paint a PS4 Pro chronicle of a game.

Bioware’s Anthem is slated for a recover on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation subsequent year.

Source: NEOGAF

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