Published On: Fri, May 22nd, 2020

Platinum Studio Head Doesn’t Think Next-Gen Hardware Will Be As "Ground-Breaking" As The Switch

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One chairman who has been struggling to get vehement about Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation hardware is PlatinumGames’ studio head, Atsushi Inaba. Here’s what he had to contend in a follow-up with VGC recently:

I don’t wish to sound like, ‘hey, we know all about a new consoles and they’re boring’. But with a information that we have now, we haven’t seen any intensely large surprises.

So, what’s a warn for him? Apparently it’s a “ground-breaking” pattern of a Nintendo Switch. He goes on to explain how a hybrid complement non-stop adult “new” possibilities, most like a Game Boy and DS generations.

While Inaba thinks Microsoft and Sony could still have a game-changing peculiarity in their next-gen systems, during a impulse it seems to be all about improvements, such as visible enhancements:

when you’re simply saying graphical improvements or only ‘faster, bigger’… apparently it’s nice, though it doesn’t have that same resourceful peculiarity that unequivocally astounded me with past consoles.

Back in his younger years, he recalls how graphics had some-more of an upgrade, and that people were “blown away” by any gen. One prominence for him was a jump from Super Nintendo to PlayStation.

While a conduct of Platinum is happy developers “have improved record to work” with, he feels it’s a discernible future:

There’s not a impassioned warn or a astonishing peculiarity that we felt from a jump to prior consoles. Now we see a announcements and we think, ‘oh, that’s cool’ and afterwards a subsequent notation we think, ‘hmmm… what should we watch on Netflix tonight?’

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