Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

Piwik raises $2 million to truly acquit your analytics

You know when we set adult a website and we supplement a Google Analytics tracker to see how many visitors we have? What you’re indeed doing is giving Google and other parties entrance to your stats and users. Sure there are remoteness protections in place and things aren’t all that bad though what if your website or app is utterly sensitive? Then we use something like Piwik or, now, Piwik Pro.

Piwik is a totally giveaway and open source analytics program same to Webalizer, a analytics apparatus of choice for websites circa 1999. Piwik is a subsequent era of that product and a name sounds like “little beer” in Polish, that is also flattering exciting.

Created by Maciej Zawadziński and Piotr Korzeniowski Piwik is a proudly Polish product and is utterly renouned with a confidence unwavering set. They recently lifted collateral from a Warsaw Equity Group to move out a new “marketing record apartment that will yield data-sensitive companies with 100% control of their information and correspondence with remoteness regulations.”

“Piwik PRO is building a extensive selling record stack, that includes web and mobile analytics, a information government platform, tab management, and calm personalization. This selling apartment will yield any craving or classification 100 percent information tenure and remoteness correspondence in an on-premise or cloud environment,” pronounced Zawadziński.

Zawadziński started one of a initial blog promotion platforms in Poland and sole dual companies before doubling down on Piwik Pro. Korzeniowski worked during HP and KPMG. They are now provision analytics fro Hewlett-Packard, Accenture, Government of Netherlands, and a European Commission.

This is one of a largest investments in a segment to date – I’ve been following things over there for a while and appropriation is tough in Central Europe – and it points to a approach brazen for tech-savvy and privacy-leaning startups in Poland and all Mitteleuropa. Privacy, as they say, is flattering important.

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