Published On: Tue, Jul 25th, 2017

Phil Harrison: Gaming’s Golden Age Might Be Coming Soon

Phil Harrison, a former Sony, Atari and Microsoft executive, was recently interviewed by GamesIndustry. In a interview, Harrison talks about an arriving golden age for a gaming industry.

A golden age of democratisation of platforms, democratisation of record to make content. When we started out, 80% of your growth bill would be essay your 3D engine, and you’d have to chuck that approach any time we make a new game. It’d roughly be like a filmmaker throwing divided a Panavision camera and reinventing another one any time they went to make a film.

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We’ve got to a indicate where a strech is there, a collection are there, a placement is there, a ability to mount adult an online use is there. And we can now start meditative about what happens when we have really plausible worlds, really plausible graphics, really worldly AI, what happens when those things co-exist? That’s a really engaging future.

I wish that a same tipping outcome [that TV had with Netflix and other streaming services] will occur with a golden age of games we only talked about. Let’s wish that we can provoke a subsequent era of writers and creators to consider about games in that way.

Actually, we would disagree that this year could really good be a best one in a final decade in terms of peculiarity of releases. In fact, it’s roughly strenuous to see several notable games rising on a monthly basis, even in a center of a Summer when there used to be a vital drought.
What do we consider of Harrison’s thoughts, readers? Is a golden age of gaming entrance – or perhaps, it is already here?

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