Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

Persona 5 S Website Goes Live With Info To Come, But Is It Related To Switch?


It’s a severe though impossibly sparkling time to be a Persona fan right now. In new months, we’ve had Joker’s Smash reveal, Persona 5 R’s provoke (and afterwards a full exhibit for PS4), intriguing website domain registrations and more. Now, a formerly detected Persona 5 S website has left live with many no doubt anticipating that a ‘S’ indicates an arriving Switch port. But does it?

Well, a honest answer is that we’ve no idea. Nobody does. The website in question,, suggests that “one some-more information” will be suggested on 25th April, that only so happens to be a second day of a Persona Super Live Concert holding place in Tokyo. Gematsu has detected a dark job label on a site that reads as follows:

Calling Card
April 25, 2019.
We will uncover we a new Phantom Thieves that will spin a world’s discernment on a head.
We are energized by voices that find satisfaction.
Once again, we will take your heart during a Ryougoku Kokugikan.
—From a Phantom Thieves.

It’s really probable that this proclamation could simply be for a new Phantom Thief – a content above positively doesn’t give anything else divided – though it’s easy to know because fans would design a Switch diversion announcement.

The some-more apparent reason is Joker’s coming in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (who only so happens to be entering a diversion before a finish of April, remember). A Persona 5 recover on Switch has felt ‘right’ ever given that announcement, though it still hasn’t come. Could this be it, tied in with Joker’s recover into Smash?

Also, while we’re not a biggest fans of guileless rumours, there were some rumblings during a finish of Feb that suggested that a diversion called ‘P5S’ would arrive on Switch in tumble 2019, with info approaching to arrive before May. So far, that prophecy could good be mark on.

We’ll know some-more on 25th April, of course. Until then, it’s substantially best to reason any expectations in check, though it’s tough not to get just a small bit vehement during a prospect.

What do we think? Is Persona 5 S a new recover for Switch? Share your thoughts with us below.

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