Published On: Mon, May 18th, 2020

Perfect Dark’s Joanna Dark Was Based On Winona Ryder

Perfect DarkPerfect Dark© Nintendo Life

It’s been pronounced in a past that Perfect Dark protagonist Joanna Dark was modelled on chronological figure Joan of Arc, though we’ve been vocalization to a guys behind a diversion and they’ve put us right on that measure – and have suggested accurately who desirous a pattern of a famous tip agent.

“I consider that’s a thing that only sounds good,” admits David Doak – who worked on a diversion before withdrawal Rare to settle TimeSplitters studio Free Radical Design – when quizzed on a whole Joan of Arc thing. “I can’t remember either Joanna Dark or Perfect Dark came first. we consider Joanna came first, though as we recall, a Joan of Arc thing was a kind of retro-fit. Joanna Dark sounded like a good name, and then, ‘Ooh, it sounds a bit like Joan of Arc. That’s utterly good.’ As against to it wise a other approach around.”

Brett Jones – who did so many to figure a pattern of a impression – explains that he was desirous by media he was immoderate during a time. “We’d all been enjoying Ghost In The Shell and a Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd film – a lot of change from those,” he says. “We were heavily shabby by early anime stuff. Even Joanna’s dress is roughly directly ripped from Ghost In The Shell. Also, a leather outfit was desirous by Mrs Peel from The Avengers, and a dragon dress indeed used a dragon pattern from Killer Instinct.”

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