Published On: Sun, May 17th, 2020

Perfect Dark Was Supposed To Have Push Button Cheats, But They Accidentally Got Deleted

Perfect DarkPerfect Dark© Nintendo Life

If you’re aged adequate to remember a N64 classical GoldenEye 007, we competence also remember that a diversion featured a garland of pull symbol lie codes that could be entered to change a diversion and clear all of a weapons. You competence also be one of a many people who were dissapoint that a devout sequel, Perfect Dark, lacked this feature.

It turns out there’s a good reason for that omission. We’ve been vocalization to former Rare staff Beau Chesluk to applaud a game’s 20th birthday, and he has reliable that there was a lie menu in a game, though he incidentally deleted it.

Now’s a good time to apologise. During a time when we had to vanquish it down from 8MB to 4MB, we were going by formula looking for things to undo and we found this record from GoldenEye where someone had put in all a symbol cheats. And we thought, ‘Oh, there’s no symbol cheats, this contingency be old.’ So we deleted it. Sorry. I’m really sorry.

We’ll pardon you, Beau. Time is a good healer, after all.

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