Published On: Mon, Oct 30th, 2017

Penello: Xbox One X Will Be A Must-Have Item Over The Holiday; We Might Have Stock Problems

Speaking with VentureBeat, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Management and Planning Albert Penello was utterly bullish on a Xbox One X’s impact in a console market, going as distant as job it a must-have object over a Holiday season.

I don’t like to envision numbers. [laughs] We’ve seen implausible interest. Talking to people in a press, all a feedback we’ve gotten is that any news about Xbox One X drives a lot of coverage, a lot of interest. we get that flattering consistently from people we know in a industry. Every time they do a story on Xbox One X, it drives outrageous traffic. The pre-orders were, again, not usually a fastest, though also a many for anything we’ve released. I’m feeling like we’re going to have batch problems. Over a holiday it’s going to be a must-have item. Knock on wood, though I’m assured in a ability to sell good volumes of this.

About a month ago, Wedbush Securities Research Analyst Michael Pachter likely that a Xbox One X will outsell Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. On a other hand, IDC (International Data Corporation) Research Director Lewis Ward settled that a Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro will be neck-and-neck in sales for a subsequent 6 months or so.

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Do we devise to buy Microsoft’s extended Xbox One console when it goes on sale on Nov 7th for $/€499 (£449 if we live in a United Kingdom)? Let us know in a comments.

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