Published On: Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

Path of Exile Devs Say Porting from PC To Xbox One Is Much Easier Than Doing It for PlayStation 4

Path of Exile, a renouned free-to-play Diablo-like Action RPG, strictly launched on Xbox One after enjoying several successful years on PC.

To applaud a event, a folks during Grinding Gear Games orderly a Reddit AMA on a Xbox One channel. Several questions from a village were answered by a developers, who explained their choice to pier Path of Exile to Xbox One rather than PlayStation 4 due to Microsoft’s console being most easier to work with when porting games from PC.

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As a comparatively tiny PC developer, it’s a lot easier to pier a diversion to Xbox than PS4. This is since a APIs and collection for PC and Xbox One are a same.
In fact, porting a diversion to Xbox had a unequivocally certain outcome on a PC chronicle as all a optimisations we done for Xbox work on PC only as well!

However, there are no skeleton to concede cross-play between PC and Xbox One gamers.

We don’t devise to supplement crossplay, sorry. In further to technical challenges, there are integrity and change issues that we haven’t come adult with good solutions to.

We already knew that Path of Exile would support a Xbox One X on Day One with a 4K/60fps patch, and during a AMA a developers also claimed to be questioning support for HDR displays.

With regards to post-launch additions to Path of Exile’s Xbox One release, they said:

PvP is not enabled in a Xbox chronicle currently, though we’re looking into this for a future. We devise to run PvE races, that are also competitive.

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There isn’t internal commune support currently, though it’s one of a large things to cruise adding in a destiny now that a launch is out of a way.

Guilds and a ladder for bequest leagues are on a list of large facilities we’d like to add.

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