Published On: Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

Palmer Luckey backs growth of VR apparatus that lets HTC Vive users play Oculus exclusives

The difference between Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey and a association he left progressing this year appears to be flourishing wider.

Luckey is putting some of a income he finished from Facebook shopping his VR association to safeguard that users of a opposite VR headset can play a disdainful titles that Facebook is funding.

On Wednesday, a Oculus owner affianced to present $2,000 per month to a developer of a program Revive, a program that allows HTC Vive users to play Oculus disdainful titles built for a Rift. The concession was finished to a developer’s Patreon account.

In a note on his page, a developer, Jules Blok, voiced his appreciation and suggested a donor was indeed Luckey. “As some of we suspected a remarkable impassioned burst in a oath volume is indeed by Palmer Luckey. I’d like to appreciate him for his oath and all he has finished for a VR village as a whole,” he wrote.

We’ve reached out to Palmer Luckey and Facebook for comment.

Facebook has affianced a half-billion to developers building calm for a Oculus platform. Many of these developers determine to make their titles disdainful to a Rift or GearVR height for a certain length of time.

Though Facebook has heralded many of a Oculus disdainful titles as a pull to their VR platform, Luckey has prolonged seemed some-more indifferent to locking down content. “If business buy a diversion from us, we don’t caring if they mod it to run on whatever they want,” Luckey wrote, in part, in a Reddit post final year.

Luckey has had a bit of a violent reign with a association that acquired his startup Oculus VR for around $3 billion.

The Oculus owner held some flack final year after donating $10,000 to an anti-Clinton domestic movement organisation called Nimble America, a pierce that held a madness of many in Silicon Valley and a VR developer community. Luckey minimized open appearances following a debate before withdrawal Facebook this past March, some-more than 3 years after his startup had been acquired. Luckey is now operative on a lidar limit invulnerability record startup.

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