Published On: Sat, Jun 10th, 2017

Own a Pixel or Nexus Device? You Should Know When Google Will Stop Giving Online Assistance

Every smartphone or inscription comes with an expiry date when a manufacturers would stop providing assistance for it or stop giving out updates.

Not many companies are true adult with such kind of information as that could act as a disastrous factor, though Google works otherwise. The association had recently suggested that a Pixel and Nexus device would be enjoying program updates for dual years and confidence updates for 3 years. Now, in a latest explanation of critical information, Google has updated a support to explain how prolonged it will support Nexus and Pixel inclination with online and telephonic assistance.

On a support page, Google writes for Pixel/Nexus phones:

If we bought your device from a Google Store, updates will typically strech your device within 2 weeks. If we bought your device elsewhere, updates can take longer.

Nexus inclination get Android chronicle updates for during slightest 2 years from when a device initial became accessible on a Google Store. After 2 years, we can’t pledge some-more updates.

According to a Minimum refurbish support durations list on a support page, it is settled that Google Pixel phones will not get “guaranteed write or online support” from Oct 2019.

It means that your Pixel or Nexus device is authorised for assistance until a duration of 3 years from a date when it went on sale on Google Store. During a 3 years, a device gets coverage for confidence updates from Google, and we will be means to call or discuss with Google’s support group whenever your device acts up. After a finish of support period, we will no longer be authorised to hit Google with your device issues. Other OEMs also have a same policy, though they do not move it into open perspective like Google.

Notably, Google will keep ancillary a Nexus 6P and 5X by Oct 2018. For Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, a support will finish in Oct 2017.

For minute information about your Nexus or Pixel device, we can go to Google Support page. Also, let us know if these dates would impact your preference to buy a Pixel phone? Share your thoughts in a criticism territory below.

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