Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2016 Exits Preview With Office 365 Integration, Giphy Support, @Mentions & More

Microsoft announced currently it’s commencement to hurl out a new Office 365-powered chronicle of to all users, following a launch into preview mode final year. Thanks to its low formation with Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, Outlook users will be means to do things like combine on papers sent as email attachments while they respond to messages, share files from OneDrive and other online services, pierce between Skype and email from a inbox, and more.

The launch also sees adding a series of partners add-ins to a inbox experience, including a newly launched Giphy integration, that complements a Yelp, Wunderlist, Uber, PayPal, Evernote and Boomerang add-ins that were previously announced.

Giphy (which particularly launched an formation on Twitter currently as well), is fast apropos a personality in GIF hunt on a web and mobile.

In Outlook, a Giphy add-in will concede users to have some-more fun with emails by acid opposite a library for animations that can be pasted into your messages.


Meanwhile, Uber is also regulating a graduation to applaud a revamped’s open entrance and is charity $20 off your initial float when regulating a Uber Outlook add-in. Boomerang, too, is removing in on a movement by offering six months of its scheduling and email tracking use for free.

Many of’s new facilities were introduced final May when Microsoft launched a email use into Preview mode with a smaller organisation of customers. These facilities embody collection for handling inbox clutter, intelligent hunt suggestions and ways to labour searches, as good as support for couple previews, inline images, combined themes, pop-up “read” and “compose” windows, pins and follow-up flags, and a above-mentioned third-party add-ins.

  1. Outlook-Yelp

  2. Wunderlist-for-Outlook-add-in-share-list

The add-ins also formerly introduced during Microsoft Build.

With a exit from Preview, Microsoft says it’s done a add-ins easier to find by placing “add-in commands” on a tip of a screen. That means we can click a symbol with a add-in’s trademark to use that feature.

These commands are rolling out now in North America over a subsequent few weeks before expanding to a rest of a world.

  1. Mail-add-in-bar-b

  2. Calendar-add-in-bar-b

In addition, Outlook and Skype have turn improved integrated in a new chronicle of, permitting we to start voice calls, video calls, or discuss sessions on Skype from your inbox. You’ll be means to report Skype calls from Outlook soon, Microsoft says.


The request partnership facilities are also intensely useful for business users, as it reduces a series of stairs between operative with files and pity them.

Instead of carrying to exit your inbox to make changes or records on a file, users can open an email connection and see it corresponding with their email. This works with Office papers like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and your changes are now saved when we strike “Send” – again, saving we from carrying to download, afterwards re-upload files.


You can perspective photos corresponding with emails, too, Microsoft says.

Other important new facilities embody support for easier inline replies, emoji hunt (you form a colon to find an emoji, e.g. “:happy”), built-in picture editing, and @Mentions.


With a latter, we can supplement someone’s name in a physique of an email review to prove they need to respond to a sold object in a message. This works in both email and calendar invites. (See below).


Microsoft says it’s rolling out these upgrades to users as fast as possible, with millions of accounts being upgraded any week.

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