Published On: Mon, May 11th, 2020

Original Content podcast: ‘Upload’ is a contented uncover about a nightmarish future

“Upload” feels like a slight, humorous uncover — until we comprehend that though a jokes, a story would be unwatchably bleak.

The Amazon Prime Video array (created by Greg Daniels of “The Office,” “Parks Recreation” and a arriving “Space Force”) takes place in a nearby destiny where people can upload digital copies of themselves before they die.

The knowledge is marketed as a practical retirement community, though it fast becomes transparent that being trapped in an torture run by a for-profit tech association has copiousness of pitfalls. That’s doubly loyal for a show’s protagonist Nathan (played by Robbie Amell), who finds his whole existence tranquil by his still-living girlfriend.

As we explain on a latest part of a Original Content podcast, we enjoyed a show’s amusement and a brilliance of a worldbuilding. If we had a complaint, it was that a murder poser tract was sincerely perfunctory.

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If you’d like to skip ahead, here’s how a part breaks down.
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0:20 “Upload” examination (mild spoilers)
30:11 “Upload” spoiler discussion

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