Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2020

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Say we Do’ offers a wedding-focused turn on a ‘Queer Eye’ formula

Parts of “Say we Do,” a new existence array on Netflix, will feel flattering informed to fans of a streaming service’s renouned reboot of “Queer Eye.”

Like “Queer Eye,” “Say we Do” stars happy group who are experts in a sold margin — in this case, interior engineer Jeremiah Brent, conform engineer Thai Nguyen and cook Gabriele Bertaccini. In any episode, a contingent is given a only-on-reality-TV charge of organizing an elaborate marriage in a singular week. And usually, only one half of a propitious integrate knows about a marriage until a few days before it’s scheduled to take place.

As we explain on a latest part of a Original Content podcast, it’s tough to conflict comparisons to “Queer Eye,” utterly given “Queer Eye” creator David Collins is an executive writer on a new show.

But “Say we Do” has a possess singular charms. Although a hosts aren’t utterly as aggressively charismatic as a Fab Five, a contingent won us over utterly effectively, interjection to a multiple of considerable marriage formulation and convincing romantic engagement.

Put another way: Nearly each part ends with a hosts sensitively wiping divided tears, and a assembly will substantially find itself fasten in, as a show’s concentration on weddings proves to be a arguable template for cathartic conversations.

In further to a review, we also plead this year’s Emmys, that saw Netflix receiving a record series of nominations.

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