Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Onēva expands height for child and elder care, housecleaning

Trust is one of a many critical aspects of selecting a caregiver and Onēva believes that it has a vetting routine that’s improved than a rest.

The San Francisco-based engagement height for elder, child and special needs care, screens a field with fingerprinting record and FBI credentials checks as good as anxiety checks and interviews. Onēva touts a 6% acceptance rate.

It is not usually for caregivers though also for housecleaning, pushing and other services. Instead of creation a Onēva platform accessible to all consumers, it’s operative with companies like Microsoft to make this an worker benefit.

Onēva lets people with a association email pointer adult for a website and name a form of use they are seeking. The startup afterwards works with them to consider their needs and send a right person.

Onēva is rolling out a height in and with TechCrunch Disrupt, where CEO and co-founder Anita Darden Gardyne is presenting in a Battlefield competition. She pronounced that they’ve been removing a record prepared to support some-more customers. The group recently filed for a obvious to emanate videos for their professionals to marketplace their services.

Gardyne says she’s “thrilled to be on a theatre during Disrupt” and “to be means to share a story and uncover what can occur when we move together a different set of people who are only focused on how to grow and emanate a good business.”  

Gardyne also believes it’s “never been a improved time to be a black womanlike entrepreneur,” since she’s encountering some-more people who wish to work with minority founders. She pronounced that Jesse Jackson introduced her to useful people during Microsoft, HP and Intel. 

Since it was founded in 2015, Onēva has lifted over $1 million in automobile records from investors including eminent law organisation Wilson Sonsini. But she’s anticipating to lift some-more appropriation to accelerate a business.

Fernando Hernandez, retailer farrago and sustainability executive during Microsoft pronounced that “no one is some-more for focused, overworked and boundless afterwards Anita. She is success in action and approbation her business is formulating good value for Microsoft (this is list stakes).  I have been happy to endorsed her association to Apple, Oracle and others.”

Mrs. Gardyne has co-founded a business with her husband, Bob Garydne. Mr. Garydyne has hold several high-level engineering jobs, including during Xros and Jupiter Systems.


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