Published On: Wed, Jul 19th, 2017

OnePlus 5 Has A Scary Glitch That Won’t Let Users Call a 911 Hotline

It looks like a OnePlus 5 is attracting some-more issues with each flitting week. If a “Jelly Effect” emanate was not adequate for warning a intensity buyers, here is another problem that requires a company’s courtesy some-more than ever. Some OnePlus 5 users are stating a glitch on their device that creates it formidable to get by to a 911 puncture hotline.

There is a dedicated Reddit thread, where OnePlus 5 users are flocking to news a emanate on their devices. It abruptly reboots when a user tries to dial a 911 puncture hotline. It is a frightful emanate as a device is fundamentally of no use when a user tries to get by 911 in box of urgency. So far, 3 users have claimed about a emanate on their device. A Redditor named Nick Morrelli has also uploaded a video of a emanate on a device. The brief video shows Morrelli’s OnePlus 5 abruptly rebooting when he dials 911. You can check out a video here.

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While many OnePlus 5 competence not even notice a emanate as who calls 911 each day, though this emanate could poise as a vital bummer in times of puncture for users. Imagine being stranded in an emergency, and your phone starts rebooting instead of removing we by to a 911 hotline.

For now, there is no reason on because this emanate is function on a OnePlus 5. However, some users are speculating that it competence have some propinquity to a device’s GPS feature. It also means that a bug that’s exclusive 911 calls, could also precedence to any puncture line that requires a phone’s GPS complement to offer location.

We can design OnePlus to come adult with a program to refurbish to discharge a bug from a device. OnePlus has also responded to a TheNextWeb, and gave this statement, “We have contacted a patron and are now looking into a issue. We ask anyone experiencing a identical conditions to hit us during“.

Meanwhile, we would advise OnePlus 5 users be wakeful of a emanate and lift a delegate device if they are formulation to go out of a city or anywhere far.

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