Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

OnePlus 5 Has A Scary Glitch That Won’t Let Users Call 911 Hotline

It looks like a OnePlus 5 is attracting some-more issues with each flitting week. If a “Jelly Effect” emanate was not adequate for warning a intensity buyers, here is another problem that requires a company’s courtesy some-more than ever. Some OnePlus 5 are stating a glitch on their device that creates it formidable to get by 911 puncture hotline.

There is a dedicated Reddit thread, where OnePlus 5 users are flocking to news a emanate on their devices. It abruptly reboots when a user tries to dial a 911 puncture hotline. It is a frightful emanate as a device is fundamentally of no use when a user tries to get by 911 in box of urgency. So far, 3 users have claimed about a emanate on their device. A Redditor named Nick Morrelli has also uploaded a video of a emanate on a device. The brief video shows Morrelli’s OnePlus 5 abruptly rebooting when he dials 911. You can check out a video here.

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While many OnePlus 5 competence not even notice a emanate as who calls 911 each day, though this emanate could poise as a vital bummer in times of puncture for a users. Imagine being stranded in an emergency, and your phone starts rebooting instead of removing we by 911 hotline.

For now, there is no reason on because this emanate is function on a OnePlus 5. However, some users are speculating that it competence have some propinquity to a device’s GPS feature. It also means that a bug that’s exclusive 911 calls, could also precedence to any puncture line that requires a phone’s GPS complement to offer location.

We can design OnePlus to come adult with program to refurbish to discharge a bug from a device. OnePlus has also responded to a TheNextWeb, and gave this matter – We have contacted a patron and are now looking into a issue. We ask anyone experiencing a identical conditions to hit us during

Meanwhile, we would advise OnePlus 5 users be wakeful of a emanate and lift a delegate device if they are formulation to go out of a city or anywhere far.

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