Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2015

OnePlus 2 Gets Official Launch Date; With ‘Virtual Reality’ In The Mix

Well, well, well. Here’s something that we don’t get to see everyday. While OnePlus has been famous to be rising a OnePlus 2 for utterly a while, a association has strictly announced a launch date for a event. The OnePlus 2 will be entrance to us in accurately one month, or Jul 27th to be some-more precise. What’s some-more engaging is how a manufacturer will be rising a desired smartphone flagship this year. The OnePlus One was a success by several means and looks like OnePlus unequivocally doesn’t wish to leave any holes barred when it comes to a device’s inheritor this year.


OnePlus To Launch Flagship Smartphone On Jul 27th Through VR Event

So, if you’re a OnePlus fan, and have managed to measure an entice for a company’s launch of a OnePlus 2, you’re in for an engaging bit of news today. The association has announced that a OnePlus 2 will be entrance on this Jul 27th. And if you’re wondering where a association will be hosting a device’s launch, a answer is: nowhere. The OnePlus 2’s launch eventuality will be a finish VR eventuality that will concede users to correlate with a creatively launched device in new ways.

In fact, a association seems to be fervent to serve strengthen a core fan bottom that was grown with a OnePlus One. Users who have submitted photographs and videos of their knowledge with a strange OnePlus will be a partial of a launch as well. This will be joined with an upgraded Google cardboard, designed by OnePlus itself, that will assistance a users who will be ‘attending’ this event. The association hasn’t supposing any sum on where to get these, though it promises to refurbish soon, right here.

So far, a OnePlus 2 is approaching to come with Qualcomm’s throttling tormented Snapdragon 810. With a OnePlus 2’s launch a association will turn another manufacturer to give Qualcomm’s silicon a try; hopefully it manages to transport better, as a badly behaving device competence finish adult harming OnePlus some-more than it has others. The device is also approaching to come with a Type-C USB port, another initial of a kind. Stay tuned, we’ll keep updated. And let us know what we consider in a comments territory below.

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