Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2020

Old-School Arcade Side-Scroller Huntdown Explodes Onto Switch Today

Huntdown – an ’80s-inspired bounty-hunting pixel art movement comedy diversion – has bloody onto Nintendo Switch today. A new launch trailer has been expelled to celebrate.

Set in a dour dystopian destiny and full of gorgeous-looking 16-bit pixel art graphics and hand-drawn animations, Huntdown could good be an ideal – and quite dirty and aroused – reversion to a smashing movement cinema and cocktail enlightenment of a ’80s. It’s pronounced to underline “fluid action-packed 60-FPS gameplay and an epic ’80s soundtrack”, that all sounds rather good to us.

If we need to locate adult on this one, here’s a list of pivotal features:

Key Features:

Two actor internal co-op

Three mythological annuity hunters to play as:
Anna Conda: Ex-commando and firearms expert. A loose-cannon lerned to murder but doubt or mercy.
– John Sawyer: Special army patrolman who left a law behind. This scarred maestro has mislaid so many limbs in fight he’s half robot.
– Mow Man: Modified recon droid, stolen and empowered with criminialized software. Trades bodies for cold tough cash.

20 levels: Gritty, neon soaked, graffiti strewn 80s cityscapes to cleanse, any with their possess barbarous squad trainer to cancel and annuity to collect.

Unique gangs to target:
Hoodlum Dolls: Violent untamed punks winning a squad fight with a toothless authorities
– Misconducts: Organised hockey hooligans, experts in spoliation and coercion with a gusto for explosives
– The Heatseekers: Murderous motorcycle club. These rockabilly villains character themselves on a centurions of Ancient Rome
– NO.1 Suspects: Masters of fortify and organized crime. Martial humanities experts, these sharp psychopaths control a night by their casinos and nightclubs

Choose your weapon: Confiscate appurtenance guns, laser weapons, katanas, grenades and more, and spin them on their owners. Stab, fire and raze your approach by swathes of gangs and bosses and collect your bounty.

Huntdown SwitchHuntdown Switch

We’ll make certain to have a full examination of a diversion for we as shortly as we can. In a meantime, let us know if you’re already set on picking this one adult with a criticism below.

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