Published On: Sat, Jan 30th, 2021

Okta SaaS news finds Office 365 wins a cloud — arrange of

Each year Okta processes millions of SaaS logons around a authentication system. It pleasantly aggregates that information to find a many renouned apps and publishes an annual report. This year it found that a many renouned apparatus by distant was Microsoft Office 365.

It’s value observant that while app use recognition sundry by region, Office 365 was series one with a bullet opposite a board, either globally or when a news pennyless it down by geographic area. That wasn’t loyal of any other product in this report, so Office 365 has endless use opposite a universe (at slightest among companies that use Okta).

But as with all cloud, it’s not a elementary matter to contend that since lots of people sealed onto Office 365, Microsoft is a transparent leader in a broader sense. In reality, a cloud is a formidable marketplace, and only since people use one apparatus doesn’t obviate them from regulating collection that contest directly with it.

As a box in point, cruise that a news found that 36% of Microsoft 365 business were also regulating Google Workspace (formerly famous as G Suite), that offers a identical set of bureau capability tools. Further, Okta found that 42% of Office 365 business were regulating Zoom and 32% were regulating Slack.

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This is flattering conspicuous when we cruise that Office 365 bundles Teams with identical functionality for free. What’s more, so does Google with Google Hangouts, so people use a apparatus they wish when they want, and infrequently it seems they use competing versions of a same tool. The news also found that of those Office 365 users, 44% are regulating Salesforce, 41% AWS, 15% Smartsheet and 14% Tableau (which is owned by Salesforce). Microsoft has products in all those categories.

Microsoft is clearly a large association with a lot of products, though a news blows a hole in a thought that since people like Office 365, they are going to be large fans of other Microsoft products, or that they can count on any kind of code faithfulness opposite a operation of products or even exclusivity within a same product category.

All of this, and many of a other information in this news creates tremendously engaging reading as distant as it goes. It’s not a decisive window on a state of SaaS. It’s a decisive reading on a state of Okta customers’ use of SaaS, on a Okta Integration Network (OIN), a indicate a association straightforwardly acknowledges in a report’s methodology section.

“As we review this report, keep in mind that this information is deputy of Okta’s customers, a applications and integrations we bond to by a OIN, and a ways in that users entrance these collection by a service,” a news stated.

But it is a approach to demeanour during a state of SaaS holding advantage of a 9400 Okta business regulating a network and a 6,500 integrations to a world’s many renouned SaaS tools. That gives a association a singular perspective into a universe of SaaS. What we can interpretation is that a cloud is complicated, and it’s not a zero-sum diversion by any means. In fact, being a leader in one area is not a pledge of winning opposite a board.

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