Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Of Course BlackBerry’s Upcoming Android Phone Is Awkward

Meet a FrankenBlackBerry. Is it an Android phone? Is it a BlackBerry? No, it’s a new BlackBerry Android phone! If we ever wondered what would occur if we slapped a BlackBerry keyboard onto an normal Android phone, demeanour no further. BlackBerry has this device for you.

Notorious leaker Evan Blass common a digest of a new device on Twitter. It’s all you’ve ever dreamed, and substantially even a bit more. As we can see on a picture, it runs batch Android. BlackBerry opted for a some-more normal 16:9 arrangement instead of a small square-ish displays as well.

But a downside is that this thing looks impossibly tall. Of march BlackBerry had to lean a digest angle a bit so that it doesn’t seem as high as it seems. But we can’t assistance though see a enormous TV remote control.

So what’s BlackBerry’s resolution to make this device fit in your pocket? A slider! It’s 2005 all over again. Sliders are great. Except that they break, make phones reduction durable, supplement weight and density and are inconvenient. And given a high form factor, it will substantially be really worried to form on this thing as a arrangement will feel heavy.

The keyboard looks really prosaic as well. You competence not get a good aged BlackBerry feeling when we form on this device. We will have to try it to know for sure.

BlackBerry is throwing all opposite a wall to stay applicable — block phablets, classical BlackBerry phones, complicated 16:9 BlackBerry phones… Nothing seems to interest to customers.

Android is a most indispensable alleviation as developers have deserted BlackBerry’s handling complement years ago. But BlackBerry can’t only turn nonetheless another Android OEM — all of them are already pang from too most competition. That’s because adding a keyboard creates sense, in some way. I’m only not certain about a execution. But this FrankenBlackBerry competence be too little, too late anyway.

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