Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2020

Oculus surpasses $100 million in Quest calm sales

Despite a handful of inclination and years of sales, Facebook has never common section sales of any of their VR headsets.

Today, Oculus expelled a new sales figure as a association reaches a 1 year anniversary of a recover of a Quest headset. We didn’t get section sales yet a association did share that they’ve sole $100 million value of Quest calm in a device’s initial year — a series that indicates that while a height is still nascent, a handful of developers are really creation it work for them.

Of that $100 million, Facebook says 20 titles have pulled in during slightest $1 million any with 10 of those eclipsing $2 million in sales. Just this past October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had common that Oculus had surpassed $100 million value of calm opposite all inclination in a store, so this proclamation seems to showcase that Quest titles are offered many faster than calm for a company’s PC-based headsets.

Oculus eclipses $100 million in VR calm sales

Oculus has been struggling to keep supply bondage open over a past several months in a midst of a COVID-19 pestilence — many of their headsets, like a Quest, have been sole out for many of 2020.

There are signs of expansion yet it’s transparent a Quest is still a niche product. Facebook minute on a many new gain call that a 80% year-over-year quarterly expansion of a quarterly “Other” income [$297 million] was “driven essentially by Oculus products.”  Zuckerberg commented on sales of a company’s flagship VR device, “Quest has surpassed a expectations. we wish we could make some-more of them faster.”

Over a past year, Oculus has had good fitness in pulling developers to downscale titles optimized for PC-based headsets to a Quest and many of a platforms winners have been titles that creatively launched on Rift several years ago like Superhot VR.

Oculus has missed out on a tiny handful of hits that have landed on Steam’s VR storefront instead. The many important of that was Valve’s new launch of a heavily-hyped VR pretension Half Life: Alyx on a possess Steam VR store. PlayTracker estimates that Valve has sole upwards of 650,000 copies, a series that could pull that title’s income nearby $40 million. The pretension was concordant with a PC-powered Oculus Rift S, yet is not optimized to run on a standalone Quest.

Oculus has recently been rumored to be operative on a lighter, smaller chronicle of a Quest headset that it had hoped to launch in late 2020, yet that timeline might be pushed behind by COVID-19.

A new Oculus Quest headset is reportedly on a way

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