Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

Oculus acquires eye-tracking startup The Eye Tribe

The instruction we demeanour could one day control your VR or mobile knowledge interjection to Facebook and Oculus’ latest buy, The Eye Tribe. Oculus confirms to me that this is an central acquisition.

The startup has grown a $99 eye tracking device developer kits for computers, and program that can move gaze-based interfaces to smartphones and potentially practical existence headsets.

The Eye Tribe has also grown foveated digest technology, that lets VR systems save computational energy by usually generating ideal graphics where you’re looking. Essentially it creates a focal indicate that moves with your eyes. This could concede Oculus’ stirring “Santa Cruz” wireless standalone headset to arrangement some-more formidable scenes during aloft support rates notwithstanding a mobile form cause tying a digest power.


A whole category of headsets are starting to use eye-tracking to for foveated rendering, as good as vouchsafing we teleport around a location, or uncover a transformation of your eyes on an avatar to make it some-more life-like.

Other examples of what a tech could do embody auto-scrolling of content while reading or piece song while personification an instrument, and a ability to postponement or control a video actor with your eyes while your hands are occupied. Car interfaces could advantage from a technology.

The Eye Tribe had lifted around $3 million from investors including Startup Bootcamp, and taken a $2.3 million extend from The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. The Eye Tribe competed in TechCrunch’s CES Hardware Battlefield in early 2014 when it initial began shipping a dev kit. Lately it’s been operative to get some-more developers on a SDK, building applications that advantage from eye tracking. Google recently bought an eye-tracking startup too called Eyefluence.


The startup’s site put adult a notice that it was changing directions progressing this month, and tech pundit Robert Scoble common a gossip that they’d been acquired by Facebook. The Di Digital announcement reported that a Swedish business register lists Facebook became a 100% shareholder of The Eye Tribe on Dec 15th, and TechCrunch has now reliable that information here.

Though Oculus confirms a deal, it did not share details such as a price, accurately who from a Eye Tribe group will be joining Oculus, or what will occur to Eye Tribe’s existent users.

the eye tribe


The Eye Tribe was grown out of investigate by a founders during IT University Of Copenhagen behind in 2009. The association says a ITU Gaze Tracker they helped emanate has turn a many renouned open source eye tracking software. By 2013 a bone-fide startup had shown a ability to build a record into an Android inscription device. This year The Eye Tribe denounced a $199 pro chronicle of a tracking device that it says can be as most as 10X cheaper than allied models.

In a meantime, an eye-tracking VR headset startup called Fove has lifted $11 million, while SensoMotoric Instruments has brought eye-tracking to avatars in Altspace’s amicable VR construct.

It’s misleading accurately what Oculus will do with a technology, yet it has intensity applications for temperament corroboration for security, immersive games, and a far-reaching operation of applications that let we navigate by looking rather than regulating your fingers.

Perhaps Facebook could one day concede we to Like a post only by looking during a Like button, or hurl your eyes in Oculus VR to promulgate that you’re annoyed.

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