Published On: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017

NVIDIA Announces New VRWorks Ultra Graphics Setting For EVE Valkyrie

Developer CCP Games has expelled a new Ultra Graphics mode for multiplayer dogfighting shooter, EVE Valkyrie.

Made probable with a support for NVIDIA VRWorks technologies and NVIDIA GameWorks graphics techniques, a Ultra Graphics Mode enriches and enhances graphical fealty and immersion. The new Ultra mode also enhances a game’s cockpit lighting, increases a peculiarity of lighting and shadowing in each area and level, improves a fealty of reflections and shaders, and adds energetic lights to projectiles.

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EVE: Valkyrie is a multiplayer dogfighting shooter diversion set in a EVE Online star that is designed to use practical existence headsets. It uses NVIDIA’s Lens Matched Shading digest technique to urge opening and peculiarity enabling GeForce gamers to suffer Ultra mode during smooth, unchanging framerates.

“A lighting indication grown by NVIDIA and incorporated by CCP for EVE: Valkyrie uses high-quality, physically-based lighting effects from NVIDIA Volumetric Lighting to supplement immersive, grand shafts of splendid light (God rays) to many scenes and levels, transforming their appearance”, reads a press release. “EVE: Valkyrie also includes a new anti-aliasing technique grown by NVIDIA called Multi-Sample G-Buffer Anti-Aliasing that improves anti-aliasing by serve shortening manifest aliasing of geometry edges and specular highlights, giving players a higher visible experience.”

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The VR diversion was announced by CCP Games during Gamescom 2013. “From a impulse this year’s Fanfest attendees initial got their hands on EVE-VR, a doubt has been, ‘When can we have this?’,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP on a game’s announcement. “What started as a passion plan by a small, impossibly gifted organisation of CCP developers became one of a many rarely expected games of a year — before we even announced it. We have large skeleton for EVE: Valkyrie and we can’t wait to share some-more sum after this year.”

EVE Valkyrie is accessible now for Windows PC  for use with the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

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