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Nurse Love Addiction Review – White and (Im)Pure

Visual novels are a niche genre of video diversion that still hasn’t gained most traction in terms of far-reaching appeal. It’s utterly easy to see why, as these games abstain a correct conventions of gameplay and instead try to qualification a choose-your-own-adventure story that can mostly take hours to see by to one of many conclusions. Typically a ones that we privately go for have a gameplay hook, such as Phoenix Wright, to keep my interest. Otherwise, it improved have an extraordinary story that we can’t find in another medium. This time, we took a play and felt it’s been prolonged adequate given my final visible novel (Steins;Gate 0, that we can examination my prior thoughts on here). The folks over during DEGICA were kind adequate to yield a possibility to examination their latest recover on a Playstation Vita, Nurse Love Addiction. If you’re looking for a pristine experience, be forewarned: there are a few teenager spoilers within.

Centered around a immature lady with a courtesy camber of a jellyfish, Asuka Osachi, and her younger sister Nao, both new recruits to nursing propagandize after carrying usually finished adult high school. Joining her are an superb ‘princess’ named Sakuya and her girlfriend, Itsuki. The final important impression is Kaede, their homeroom teacher. It’s a sincerely tiny expel for a romance-centric visible novel, though it truly gives any of a girls their possess story arc and copiousness of courtesy to their motivations and quirks.

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Nurse Love Addiction’s pacing feels a bit on a slower side when it comes to other visible novels. Steins;Gate started off a same way, though that one dug a hooks into me and took me for a furious float that didn’t finish for hours. This one, on a other hand, takes some loyalty to make it by a opening. If you’re meddlesome in nursing as a career choice, there’s a sincerely expanded info dump per Florence Nightingale and some of a daily tasks that nurses go by to tend to their patients. However, buried somewhere in between training how to change bed sheets and deliberating past romances is a singular couple that binds a classmates together.

Admittedly, we didn’t know such a sequence existed to Nurse Love Addiction until we finally had a possibility to play a recently expelled Vita port. we expected a good relaxing visible novel to tell before bed, something that would be a acquire change of gait from a unconstrained E3 previews and movement diversion reviews we have done my daily life. Cute girls doing lovable things; that’s how a package was presented to me by screenshots and a common selling materials. Even a press recover called it ‘bittersweet adore between blossoming immature ladies’. What was to occur was a drum coaster of feels that we could not have anticipated.

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If this were usually a unchanging yuri adore novel, we wouldn’t have paid it a time of day. Such stories positively have a place in a medium, though my personal tastes tend to curve towards a story that has some singular facilities or goes where a reader slightest expects it. Nurse Love Addiction does a latter in such an impassioned conform that it roughly feels out of place a initial time we event on one of a many bad endings. There’s something bittersweet about pity a initial lick with your classmate and suffer a tender, touching impulse usually before removing stabbed in a tummy in a fit of jealousy.

Performance-wise, there isn’t most to contend about a visible novel like Nurse Love Addiction. There are no grand cutscenes or unequivocally anything with motion, save for a opening and finale animations. Everything else is conveyed by immobile shots and a occasional CGI to piquancy adult a story. Much of a gameplay is hands-off, with actor communication popping adult during a few essential discourse choices that will invisibly pierce a actor into one of a energetic final acts. Picking a right choices is essential, though there’s no denote early on either a actor is on their requested route, or even that they’re on lane for a good or bad ending. Trust me, when we make it onto one of a bad endings, you’ll know.


Nurse Love Addiction is a flattering gentle visible novel to suffer a idle afternoon with or tell in bed. I’m an disciple for any journey that lets players daub their approach by a story though carrying to use a buttons, as to not arise adult my poignant other during my midnight play sessions. Because of this, Nurse Love Addiction is good for one-handed play and silently drumming divided on a Vita hold screen.

If your knowledge with visible novels leans a small some-more towards a adult-oriented, Nurse Love Addiction won’t utterly prove what you’re looking for. The adore here is pristine and simple, with usually a occasional fun and trope thrown in to abate adult a mood. There competence be a few moments that get a actor prohibited underneath a collar, though there’s no calm that players should be endangered about removing a diversion criminialized over.

Visual novels positively aren’t for everybody and even a good literary achievements of a likes of Steins;Gate still competence not be adequate to convince gamers to burst into a genre. However, if you’re feeling adult for a bit of light reading and wish a crafty small intrigue story with some thespian endings, Nurse Love Addiction is a good further to your Vita library. Just remember, a feelings we have for those nurses in white competence not always be of love.

Reviewed on PS Vita (code supposing by a publisher).  

Nurse Love Addiction competence not do adequate to move in players who rebuff visible novels though there’s an attention-grabbing story dark underneath that white nurse’s top that simply won’t let go.

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