Published On: Tue, Feb 20th, 2018

Nuance ends growth of a Swype keyboard apps

The celebration is over for third celebration keyboards. But hey, it was fun while it lasted. Nuance, a association that acquired maestro swipe-to-type keyboard builder Swype — all a approach behind in 2011, shelling out a cold $100M — has finished growth of a Swype+Dragon dictation Android and iOS apps.

The news was reported progressing by the Xda developer blog, that speckled a Reddit post by a user and says it got acknowledgment from Nuance that growth for both a Android and iOS apps has been discontinued. We’ve also reached out to a association with questions. A hunt for a Swype app on iOS now formula in suggestions for opposition keyboard apps.

As Xda points out, Nuance has been concentrating on a b2b business regulating a debate approval tech to capacitate debate to content application — such as a dedicated chronicle of a dictation product that is targeted during medical workers.

The b2b space also provides a business indication that’s so mostly been lacking for keyboard players in a consumer space (even those with hundreds of millions of users — frankly, a typing was on a wall when vital actor Swiftkey took a exit track to Microsoft behind in 2016).

The wider context here is that as debate approval technologies have got improved — improvements in spin done probable interjection to denunciation models lerned with information sucked adult from keyboard inputs — voice interfaces can start to succeed keyboard-based submit methods in some-more areas.

In a consumer space, Google generally has also doubled down on a possess Gboard keyboard (which includes a dictation feature). While Apple’s local iOS keyboard is reduction entirely featured though does embody next-word prophecy built in. So with mobile’s height giants wading in there’s combined presence vigour on third celebration keyboard app makers.

Nuance targeting a efforts during a slight problem like studious support also creates clarity since of a dilettante nomenclature and slight procedures involved, that naturally provides a improved horizon for voice submit correctness vs some-more indeterminate and/or artistic environments where dictation inaccuracies competence some-more simply climb in.

So while Siri competence still siphon during bargain what you’re asking, a dedicated debate to content engine that’s been lerned on medical data-sets and processes can yield constrained application for clinicians wanting to fast constraint studious notes, potentially even shortening inaccuracies that can climb in around aged handwritten ways of doing things.

Connectivity removing embedded into some-more and some-more forms of devices, including things that miss screens like (many) intelligent speakers, also means voice interfaces are naturally removing some-more uplift. And Nuance has been building dictation products for cars too, for example.

Still, it’s not utterly a finish of a highway for third celebration consumer keyboard plays. VC corroborated freemium keyboard app Grammarly — that final year lifted a whopping $110M, earnest to urge your essay not only collect adult typos though keylogging all we form to do so — has been creation a lot of sound and plastering a ads all over a Internet to expostulate consumer uptake. (My App Store hunt for Swype returned an ad for Grammarly as a tip result, for example.)

And while a startup is holding income around a set of pricing skeleton for a some-more entirely featured chronicle of a service, a remoteness process also says a regulating typing information to urge a underlying algorithms and denunciation models. So it stays to be seen what a data-mining keyboard business competence develop into (or exit to) in time.

Another consumer player, a Fleksy keyboard, also got regenerated final year — with a new developer group behind it, whose prophesy is for a keyboard to be a services platform. The team’s settled goal is to keep an eccentric and pro-privacy keyboard dream alive. So don’t stop typing only yet.

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