Published On: Thu, Apr 5th, 2018

Now we can use your Echo to call a kids for dinner

Amazon usually rolled out a long-promised for a Echo. Alexa Announcements turns a company’s intelligent orator line into a one-way intercom system, vouchsafing owners promulgate with a family opposite a household.

At a bottom level, it’s kind of a send system. Tell a device, “Alexa, announce that cooking is ready,” and Alexa will say, “Dinner is ready” by all connected Echos in a home. It’s like a world’s many tedious diversion of Telephone. You can also pronounce directly by a device, by observant “Alexa, tell everyone…” or “Alexa, broadcast…”

It should be a flattering accessible further for those who have mixed Echo inclination in opposite rooms. It joins existent communications like Alexa Calling, Messaging and Drop In — usually this one is, as they contend in fear movies, entrance from inside a house. It’s also a good approach for Amazon to sell second and third Echos to people who are already on-board with Amazon’s intelligent speaker.

The underline has started rolling out to Echo users in a US and Canada.

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