Published On: Fri, Jun 9th, 2017

Now that it owns SlideShare, Microsoft is shutting the possess file-sharing use

Microsoft announced currently it will retire a comparison file-sharing site on Dec 15, 2017, as a outcome of a LinkedIn acquisition. With LinkedIn, Microsoft also gained entrance to SlideShare, a tip file-sharing network on a web – and one’s that’s now distant some-more heavily used than Microsoft’s possess

SlideShare “represents a ideal height for edition your Word, PowerPoint, and PDF calm with a assembly of 70 million professionals, and immeasurable calm library,” wrote Microsoft, in a summary posted to users on a Microsoft Office website.

The shutdown was initial speckled by ZDNet.

Above:’s flatline compared with SlideShare; source: SimilarWeb was launched in 2010 in partnership with Facebook, during a time when Microsoft was anticipating to precedence a amicable network’s far-reaching strech to grow a Microsoft Office Web Apps service. It was effectively an bid to get forward of a afterwards fast flourishing hazard of Google Docs by jumping on a behind of a some-more renouned amicable network to give it a burst start.

The use itself was combined by Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs, with a hopes that Facebook users would supplement papers to their Facebook form or share posts containing files, as simply as they would post photos or video.

The Facebook site is no longer available.

Above: a younger Mark Zuckerberg introducing during Facebook’s F8 discussion in 2010

In 2015, a site was redesigned to be a place where users could post their Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files in further to Microsoft’s newer record format, Sway, and make those discoverable to hunt engines. upheld both open and private pity of a files, and we could entice others to assistance we revise your files before creation a accessible to a wider web.

However, Microsoft now has other services that can take a place of following a closure, including OneDrive and SlideShare.

The routine of shutting a site wholly will take several months, permitting users copiousness of time to make a transition.

Starting today, you’ll no longer be means to emanate new accounts, yet you’ll still be means to view, edit, publish, download, and undo your existent content. On Aug 1st, 2017, edition and modifying will stop being supported, yet you’ll be means to perspective and download files.

The association also advises users to behind adult their files to OneDrive by signing in to with your existent account, afterwards creation a send anytime between now and Dec 14, 2017. (Microsoft will automate a send on your behalf). This will describe your comment read-only after a routine completes.

Office 365 Administrators can quit your files for we if you’re regulating with a Work or School account, as of Jun 19th.

Microsoft will also concede share links to work for some time after a service’s closure. Until May 18, 2018, any links to calm you’ve formerly common with others that have been automatically redirected to your OneDrive or OneDrive for Business comment will stop working.

In addition, Microsoft explains because it’s automating a transition of files from to OneDrive, instead of to SlideShare – even yet SlideShare is a reason it cited for a service’s closure. The association says that SlideShare is for open posting, and users should be means to “purposefully manage” that files they wish to tell there, “while also adding their own structure, titles, and descriptions to their content.”

A some-more minute FAQ on how a transition might impact we is accessible here.

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