Published On: Fri, Mar 22nd, 2019

Nostalgia Alert! James Pond Codename: Robocod Slips Onto Switch eShop


With a outrageous lists of new titles on eShop each week, it’s infrequently easy for smaller games to trip suspicion a net as a bigger releases squeeze a attention. Eagle-eyed readers will have speckled a 16-bit classic that forsaken onto Switch yesterday. Yep, James Pond Codename: Robocod is accessible to download on eShop as we write.

For those of we unknown with a fish’s oeuvre, he seemed in a fibre of games opposite mixed platforms in a 1990s, including Game Boy and Super Nintendo, and ports have cropped adult intermittently ever since. Not bad for an manlike pun!

You can check out a full trailer on Nintendo’s website. As we all know, infrequently what seemed ‘classic’ behind in a day can be formidable to go behind to. It’s probably protected to contend that for players who didn’t get around to it in a ’90s, a pretension has already delivered some-more delight than you’ll get from a diversion itself, though nostalgia is a absolute thing – in annoy of a £9.99 cost tag, it’ll take some mighty clever willpower to stop us downloading it for a weekend! From a looks of it, we’re not alone, either:

Friday’s fish day, we know – will this small unlikely be on your small dishy this evening? Drop us a line below.

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