Published On: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

Nopes, Google is Not Sidelining Android Wear – Here’s Why it Was Removed From Google Store

Yesterday, several reports started creation rounds about Google dropping Android Wear inclination from a Android Wear territory on Google Store. Early thoughts on a emanate were that Google is murdering a Android Wear lineup. However, turns out that it was not a box after all. Nopes, Google is not abandoning smartwatches segment.

According to a Twitter thread, Hoi Lam, Google consultant for Android Wear pronounced that a smartwatches height is not going anywhere, and is really not being deserted by a hunt engine giant. Google is usually relocating a lineup elsewhere. It looks like a new change in Google Store process has got a association usually stocking Google-made hardware like Pixel smartphones, Google Home devices, Pixelbooks, and more.

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In a tweet, Lam wrote, “Don’t be sad! The Google Store group done a change that they will usually batch Google done hardware.” “Our group knew a plant for a year now and invested in tradition store fronts with online retailers e.g. Amazon. Together with all a partners (online/offline), we will strech some-more people all over a universe than ever before.” he explained further.

Lam tweeted that Google is formulation to move Android Wear products to “more people all over a universe than ever before,” around third-party Android Wear stores run by a retailers such as Amazon. Android Wear app is listed on a Play Store, and so are a other Wear associated pages like central Twitter account.

Given a fact that Google has not launched a new Android Wear smartwatch given a prolonged time, it creates some-more clarity because a association motionless to get absolved of a products on Google Store. Previously, a territory enclosed LG smartwatches, that were not Google-made as per a rested Store policies.

So, what should a intensity buyers of Android Wear smartwatches do? Simple, Google has partnered with Amazon and come adult with a tradition store for Android Wear adopters. You can check out a Amazon-backed store here.

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No Google-made Android Wear hardware in sight

In a past, Google has collaborated with partners like LG to make certain that their smartwatches come with finish Android Wear support and features. However, we don’t see any new Google-made Android Wear hardware on a horizon. With a foe mountainous with Fitbit and other makers entrance with a tradition ecosystem, maybe Google is not meddlesome in investing some-more in a segment.

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