Published On: Wed, Jul 7th, 2021

Nobody wins as DoD finally pulls a block on argumentative $10B JEDI contract

After several years of fighting and jockeying for position by a biggest cloud infrastructure companies in a world, a Pentagon finally pulled a block on a argumentative winner-take-all, $10 billion JEDI agreement today. In a end, nobody won.

“With a changeable record environment, it has turn transparent that a JEDI cloud contract, that has prolonged been delayed, no longer meets a mandate to fill a DoD’s capability gaps,” a Pentagon orator stated.

The agreement buying routine began in 2018 with a call for RFPs for a $10 billion, decade-long agreement to hoop a cloud infrastructure plan for The Pentagon. Pentagon orator Heather Babb told TechCrunch given they were going with the. single-winner approach: “Single endowment is wise because, among other things, it improves security, improves information accessibility and simplifies a Department’s ability to adopt and use cloud services,” she pronounced during a time.

From a start though, companies objected to a single-winner approach, desiring that a Pentagon would be improved served with a multi-vendor approach. Some companies, quite Oracle believed a buying routine was designed to preference Amazon.

In a finish it came down to a span of finalists — Amazon and Microsoft — and in a finish Microsoft won. But Amazon believed that it had higher record and usually mislaid a understanding given of approach division by a prior boss who had open contempt for then-CEO Jeff Bezos (who is also a owners of a Washington Post newspaper).

DoD reaffirms Microsoft has won JEDI cloud contract, though Amazon authorised complaints still pending

Amazon motionless to quarrel a preference in court, and after months of delay, a Pentagon done a preference that it was time to pierce on. In a blog post, Microsoft took a appropriate during Amazon for precipitating a delay.

“The 20 months given DoD comparison Microsoft as a JEDI partner highlights issues that aver a courtesy of policymakers: When one association can delay, for years, vicious record upgrades for those who urge a nation, a criticism routine needs reform. Amazon filed a criticism in Nov 2019 and a box was approaching to take during slightest another year to challenge and produce a decision, with intensity appeals afterward,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post about a finish of a deal.

It seems like a wise finish to a plan that we felt was cursed from a beginning. From a impulse a Pentagon announced this agreement with a cutesy turn on a Star Wars name, a buying routine has taken some-more twists and turns than a TV soap.

In a beginning, there was a lot of sound and ire and it led to a lot of nothing. We pierce onto whatever cloud buying routine happens next.

Note: We have a ask into Amazon for a criticism and will refurbish a story when they respond.

The $10B JEDI agreement is locked, installed and still totally stuck

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