Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update Undocumented Changes Revealed

No Man’s Sky perceived a code new calm refurbish progressing this week, a Path Finder update, that introduced copiousness of new facilities to a game. As it mostly happens, a refurbish also introduced some changes that haven’t been minute in a central patch notes.

Reddit user stoiyan put together on a No Man’s Sky subreddit a list of undocumented changes with a assistance of other users. You can check out a list below.

The operation for collecting from plants in farms has been increasing significantly. Now we can reason a pitch and collect from plants that are 3-4 rows behind your stream container. Works in Freighters and world bases.
You can collect some resources by sharpened them from a atmosphere with your ship’s photon cannons or proviso beam. So distant we can endorse a following can be harvested in this way: Plutonium, Iron, Carbon, resources in depots
Color palette for new AND existent creatures has been updated, along with their textures and in some cases some teenager sum of a creature. Check your already detected creatures, we will be surprised!
Items eliminated from your Exocraft go to your SHIP instead of your inventory
Crashed ships are no longer sealed to +1/-1 slots compared to what we now have. However, keep in mind that they have a series of shop-worn slots that need credits to repair. Mutitools now also change in slots (/u/C-sharp-m4jor and /u/GtaHov)
In Photo mode, we can change “Lenses”, that has options for changing a Depth of Field, Field of View (!!!) and filters
You are now means to pierce while activating a save beacon. The zoom-out animation still plays, though we can pierce during that time and after it a camera will snap to your stream position (/u/JCreedy)
In a System Log moons are differentiated by a dashed line around a world symbol. (/u/GtaHov)
Starship arms upgrades from a Foundation refurbish have been private (/u/GtaHov)
Multitool Scanner tech now works noticeably slower, even when updated (/u/GtaHov)
Nanite clusters can be performed not usually from tech ascent containers, though also from destroying spaceships, Sentinels, Freighter load containers and in some cases as trouble call rewards or articulate to aliens (/u/MacForADay)
(PS4) The diversion idol has been changed

Among a changes introduced by a No Man’s Sky Path Finder refurbish are also graphics improvements, Steam Workshop formation and more.

High and ultra fortitude textures
More accurate Ambient Lighting
Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion
High contrariety lighting effects
Crepuscular Rays from a Sun
Improved post-processing with several filter options
HDR mode for concordant monitors and televisions

No Man’s Sky is now accessible in all regions on PC and PlayStation 4.

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