Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2019

Nintendo’s Fitness Boxing Reaches 500,000 Worldwide Sales


Ring Fit Adventure might good have perceived a infancy of Nintendo’s offered efforts when it comes to new aptness games in a west, though another one of a new efforts is behaving rather nicely, too.

Fitness Boxing has now shifted 500,000 copies worldwide according to Imagineer, a studio that grown a pretension and covers a edition in Japan. As is mostly a box with aptness titles, a diversion appears to be offered during a decent, solid pace, rather than offered a vast series of copies on day one before descending away. Indeed, 100,000 of those 500,000 units were shipped in a final 4 months, notwithstanding a fact that it expelled roughly a year ago.

Having pronounced that, a game’s launch did seem to be a outrageous success; players began to share weight detriment stories online in Japan, sparking a sales boost that forced Imagineer to apologize for batch shortages. Nintendo doesn’t seem to have had identical batch issues in a west where it publishes a diversion itself, though sales are clearly ticking along nicely.

Have we attempted this one for yourself? We’ll leave we with a dash of a Fitness Boxing examination should we wish to learn more:

Within a common-sense (and, interjection to Wii Fit, well-known) limitations, Fitness Boxing is a breezy, enterprising success that gets your blood pumping. For a one-time cost of a month’s gym membership, it delivers some light CV and takes pointers from Just Dance and several stroke games to yield a available and enchanting workout.

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