Published On: Mon, May 11th, 2020

Nintendo Thwarts Scalpers With Animal Crossing amiibo Card Restock

Animal Crossing amiibo CardsAnimal Crossing amiibo Cards© Nintendo Life

We’re large fans of regulating amiibo cards to entice villagers to a campsites in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, though let’s be honest – it’s impossibly tough to get a whole set and many dedicated collectors finish adult branch to renouned auction sites in sequence to fill a gaps in their collection, mostly from unethical scalpers seeking approach over a contingency for certain cards.

Thankfully, Nintendo (at slightest in Japan) is rebellious a scalpers head-on with a reservation intrigue that will camber all 4 array of a ‘Welcome amiibo’ line. Lucky Japanese collectors will have until 30th Jun to make reservations for their selected packs, that Nintendo will afterwards make to accommodate demand.

It’s approaching that these orders will be over in Sep and a container will cost ¥330 Japanese Yen, that amounts to around £2.50 / $3.

Let’s wish that Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe hurl out a identical intrigue during some indicate – we’ve no doubt that it’d be unequivocally renouned with fans in a west, too!

Let us know if we still need amiibo cards for your Animal Crossing collection with a criticism below.

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