Published On: Sat, Apr 11th, 2020

Nintendo Tells Customers To Stop Using Alcohol-Based Products To Clean The Switch

Nintendo SwitchNintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Japanese patron use Twitter comment is during it again – this time arising a warning about disinfecting Switch consoles and Joy-Con controllers with alcohol, after receiving mixed questions seeking if it was safe. Here’s a full message, pleasantness of Kotaku:

Recently, business have been seeking either they can purify their Nintendo Switch consoles and Joy-Cons with alcohol. We’re really contemptible to contend greatfully equivocate regulating ethanol as it might means a cosmetic tools to blur in colour or deform.

Non-alcoholic disinfectant sheets and wipes are also not advised:

We also can't suggest regulating non-alcoholic disinfecting sheets, as depending on a ingredients, they might repairs a cosmetic parts.

If you’re wondering what we can purify your Nintendo Switch with during this point, a recommendation is a “soft dry cloth” – though hey, if that’s not adequate for your liking, we can always review to a process a association advises against.

Earlier this week, a same Twitter comment suggested Nintendo had recently gifted an augmenting series of credit label rascal reports.

How do we purify your Nintendo Switch, controllers and accessories? Tell us below.

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