Published On: Thu, Dec 5th, 2019

Nintendo Switch System Update 9.1.0 Is Now Live

Switch Switch Lite

After rolling out a complement refurbish for a 3DS progressing this week but any stability, Nintendo’s now expelled a monthly refurbish for a Switch. Fortunately, this one comes with copiousness of fortitude improvements to raise a altogether experience.

More importantly, though, it resolves an emanate with a Joy-Con not displaying colour animations rightly when trustworthy to a Switch. When this was initial discovered, it was tough to tell if it was a mistake or a pattern choice.

Below are a full patch records for Version 9.1.0:

General complement fortitude improvements to raise a user’s experience, including a resolution for a following:

Resolved an emanate where a tone animation was not displaying rightly when attaching a Joy-Con controller to a Nintendo Switch console.

Tell us in a comments if you’ve downloaded this refurbish yourself yet.

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