Published On: Tue, Apr 21st, 2020

Nintendo Switch Players Advised To Secure Accounts After Numerous Unauthorised Login Reports

One year ago my comment was hacked. we immediately contacted support. After bouncing emails behind and onward for dual months, and providing them my username, date of birth, email address, initial ever squeeze on my account, final 5 purchases(date, price, title, final digits of credit card), console sequence numer they deemed it not enough, as we couldn’t yield a receipt of purchasing a console(which we had finished dual years prior, by cash). we mislaid 20+ digital games, related 4 year aged Warframe account, mixed saves. we will never get behind from that.
My indicate is, be clever with your logins, use 2 step permission and DO NOT couple your Nintendo Account to any other site. Customer Support won’t assistance you.

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